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Car Wash in Capitola & Salinas, CA

Splash Car Wash has two locations. Our original wash is located in Salinas, CA, and our newest wash experience is located in Capitola, CA. Our state-of-the-art cleaning systems provide you with a shiny car.


Splash Car Wash provides a monthly Unlimited Wash Club to maintain your vehicle and keep it in great shape while saving you money. Join today by paying a visit to one of our locations.


Our Salinas Car Wash location offers exterior washes and FREE vacuums. To give our customers a full washing experience, interior wash services are also offered at this location.


Our Capitola car wash location offers exterior services for a quick and clean washing experience. Drive through our automated pay gates and get your car washed in our new wash tunnel. After the wash, we have FREE-to-use, powerful self-service vacuums that SUCK!